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In Barbados

You can be assured of a very reliable transportation service to help you make your way around the island. You’ll have several options for available to you which will include the Government-run Transport Board buses, privately-run buses and vans, private taxi service and self-drive rental vehicles which can range from open-top vehicles to mid-size cars to large vans and luxury vehicles.

The Government-run Barbados Transport Board buses

These operate from three (3) main terminals, 2 of which are in the capital city of Bridgetown and the third is located in Speightstown in the parish of St. Peter. You can identify these large buses by their blue colour with yellow stripe at the side. (PIC).  The fare per trip is currently Bds $3.50 (or USD $1.75) which must be paid in local coins only, as foreign coins er opare not accepted.  Designated bus stops can be easily identified by their red, white and black color.

Privately run mini-buses and maxi-taxis

Another transportation option available to you are privately-run mini-buses, which are smaller in size than the Government transport board buses and identified by their bright yellow colour with a blue stripe.

There are also smaller vans are also referred to as route taxis or ZRs (pronounced Zed-R) and identified by their white colour with a maroon stripe.  These smaller vans usually service much shorter more high trafficked routes and if you’re travelling on the South Coast they provide a reliable transport option just be prepared to enjoy the loud music.

Private Taxi Service

You’ll find the taxi service on the island to be one of the best in the region.  The hospitality of our taxi drivers is unmatched, and we’re sure you will enjoy their lively story telling about the island’s culture, while they take you safely to your destination. As with taxi services across the globe, the cost of your ride will vary with the distance travelled, so be sure to ask the cost before you set out on your journey. Taxi stations can be found at the airport, seaport, in Bridgetown and at other locations around the island.  If you’re visiting the island, your accommodation provider can provide you with contact details should you wish to have access to taxi service.  Otherwise, you can find the service nearest to you by searching the yellow pages of the local telephone directory here.


Self-Drive Rental Vehicles

It’s very easy to hire a vehicle in Barbados and there is definitely no shortage of rental car service providers on the island.  Simply provide the rental car service provider with a valid driver’s licence, and you’ll be able to purchase a local driver’s permit for just BDS $10.00.  Rental rates will vary with the type and size vehicle you hire and these can range from mini-mokes (open-top vehicles) to SUVs and large vans or even luxury vehicles.  Always remember, we drive on the left, seat belts are compulsory and if you get lost or Google fails you, there will always a friendly local nearby to help you find your way!


Buying Your Own Vehicle

If you’re thinking about buying your own vehicle, there is an extensive list of new and used car dealerships on the island offering from small economy to luxury vehicles.  You can get the most common Japanese and European brand of vehicles and they’re a number of local insurance companies that can provide comprehensive or third party coverage.   There is also a wide range of financing options available which can be accessed through most of the car dealerships.


The process of getting your vehicle on the road can vary depending on whether you’ll be buying your vehicle cash or whether you’ll need to obtain financing.  If making a cash purchase, the transaction can be completed and you can be on the road within 3 days.  If financing, the process can take as much as three weeks.   There’s also a licencing process which must be completed with one of the local government agencies, but this service can be facilitated through the car dealership.

Rent a Vehicle
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