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Barbados Healthcare


Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Medical care on the island is quite accessible, of a high standard, and provided through a network which includes both public and private health care facilities.   The primary acute care medical facility is the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which is Government-owned and provides quality, extensive care in a wide range of medical specialties including areas such as pediatrics, obstetrics, plastic surgery, radiology and others. The hospital also addresses the medical, surgical, clinical and treatment needs of the Caribbean. This 600+ bed facility is also an accredited teaching hospital affiliated with the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.  It’s located in Bridgetown, St. Michael. 

Bayview Hospital

The privately-owned Bayview Hospital provides top quality 24-hour health care to locals and visitors alike in a comfortable ‘home away from home’ setting.  This hospital is staffed with a team of highly skilled and trained doctors and medical professionals including intensive care doctors, and is known for its delivery of a high standard of health care.  The facility also provides state of the art ICU support and provides medical services in a variety of specialties including surgeries for Ear Nose & Throat, Reconstructive, Urologic, Neurological and Orthopaedic.  Both private and shared room accommodation is available at this facility which is located in Bridgetown, St. Michael.

Bayview Hospital.jpg

Bayview Hospital, Beckles Road, St. Michael, Barbados. 

The Sparman Clinic


A state of the art private hospital designed to meet all of your cardiac and medical needs.  This 24-hour facility which also provides emergency services, is staffed by a full tean of healthcare professionals including interventional Cardiologists, General Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Technicians and fully qualified Healthcare personnel.

This facility is outfitted with a a 400 sq. ft. operating theatre, a laboratory where bloodwork services are carried out on site, a non-invasive lab where testing such as echocardiograms, holter testing and stress testing  is done,  inpatient ward  comprising  a seven bed semi-private ward and three private rooms.  There's also a pharmacy on site and ambulance services are also available, as well as a shuttle for airport, seaport and hotel pick ups.   In addition, the facility  also maintains a full gym outfitted with Cybex equipment, personal trainers and a dietitian on site to assist your recovery needs.  Located at #4, 6th Avenue Belleville, St. Michael their website and social pages are   Tel: 1(246)62-HEART (43278)                  

Sparman Clinic.jpg

The Sparman Clinic, 6th Avenue Belleville, St. Michael, Barbados. 

Public Clinics

There are a number of well-quipped Government owned Polyclinics, which provide medical treatment for minor ailments.  These public medical health centres are spread across the country and listed below:

  • Eunice Gibson Polyclinic, Warrens, St. Michael.  Tel: 1-246-417-2101

  • Randall Philips Polyclinic, Oistins, Christ Church.  Tel: 1-246-423-6231

  • Winston Scott Polyclinic, Ladymeade Gardens, St. Michael.  Tel: 1-246-227-7700                   

  • Branford Taitt Polyclinic, Black Rock, St. Michael.  Tel: 1-246-425-6950

  • Edgar Cochrane Polyclinic, Wildey, St. Michael.  Tel: 1-246-427-8161               

  • St. Philip Polyclinic, Six Roads, St. Philip.  Tel: 1-246-423-6231

  • Maurice Byer Polyclinic, Speightstown, St. Peter.  Tel: 1-246-536-3200                           

  • Glebe Polyclinic, Glebe, St. George.  Tel: 1-246-429-1680

  • David Thompson Health and Social Services Complex, Glebe Land, St. John.  Tel: 1-246-416-7000

Emergency Centres

Sandy Crest Medical Centre  

One of the two main private emergency centers on the island is Sandy Crest Medical Centre which is fully equipped to provide urgent and emergency medical care and support.  Sandy Crest is located on the west coast of the island, in Holetown, St. James and its sister company, Coverley Medical Centre, is located in Coverley Town Centre, Coverley, Christ Church. 

For your convenience and through their website, this facility provides a self-registration touchless service for all patients, which allows you to provide critical information ahead of your visit thus ensuring reduction of your wait times and face to face interactions, and facilitating required social distancing while in clinics.  Sandy Crest Medical is a 24-hour facility.  Coverley Medical maintains the hours of 7am through 7pm.  These opening hours are however subject to change, we therefore urge you to visit their website or social media pages for up-to-date information.  Learn more from their website and social media pages:  or



FMH Emergency Medical Clinic

This private emergency medical clinic is staffed by Emergency Physicians and is designed to treat conditions that have recently started or chronic conditions that have suddenly become worse.  All doctors at this facility, specialize in emergency medicine having received many years of training and experience in the field, this ensures that there is always an emergency physician physically on duty.  The clinic is a level 2 Emergency Centre with five Emergency Physicians and there are no facilities for major surgery or overnight patient stays. Opening hours are 8 am through 12 am (midnight).  These opening hours are however subject to change, we therefore urge you to visit their website or social media pages for up-to-date information.  FMH Emergency Medical Clinic is located on the outskirts of Bridgetown in St. Michael.    


Mobile Medical Services

You can receive urgent, high-quality medical care service, right in the comfort of your own home from Urgent Care Mobile.  This 24-hour onsite service is provided by a group of fully trained, experienced and passionate emergency physicians, who bring medical care directly to you providing the right care at the right time, wherever you are, whenever you need it.  They treat a wide range of urgent medical conditions ranging from occupational related injuries, wound care, cardiovascular disease, ear nose and throat, paediatric complaints, gynecological and women’s health, environmental issues, gastrointestinal conditions to name a few. Learn more from their website and facebook pages:  or

Online Doctor Services (Sandy Crest)

For your convenience, you can book online doctor services at Sandy Crest Medical, available from 8am to 8pm.  This service allows you to have private and secure voice or video consultations from the comfort of your home and is offered at a lower rate than the standard visit.  Prescription refills are also available.  See more details on the online service at


Coverley Medical Centre, Coverley Town Centre, Coverley, Christ Church Barbados

Private Pharmacies

You can find a number of pharmacies at various locations across the island to provide convenient access to any prescribed medication and over-the-counter drugs.  Visit for full list of private pharmacies on island.


Private Physicians

While staying on the island, you will have access to a number of private medical practitioners, both generalists and specialists.  Where you attend a General Practitioner (GP) and he believes your condition requires more specialized attention, he can readily refer you to one of the highly trained specialists on the island to take care of your medical needs.  Visit full list of private physicians.


Fertility Centre

A state of the art fertility clinic is available on island - the Barbados Fertility Centre. This facility was opened in 2002 and works holistically with patients who come from all over the world to undergo IVF treatment in Barbados.

Visit their website at for details.

Alternative Medicine

With the demand for alternative forms of health care steadily growing, so has the options that have become available on island to satisfy the needs for these natural remedies.

The Natural Medical Centre Barbados

This unique medical clinic in Barbados integrates mainstream medical services with natural medical practices.  It’s staffed by qualified practitioners in the mainstream medical profession and natural medical field, and offers comprehensive family medical care to all persons in Barbados, ensuring while they get relief from their symptoms that they also resolve the underlying cause of the symptoms themselves.   This ensures a fully comprehensive approach to wellness, rather than traditional approaches which tend to just treat symptoms.

The NMC has state-of-the-art testing, diagnostic and treatment equipment, with the goal of getting its patients as well as possible in the least invasive manner, as fast as possible and at lowest cost.    No other mainstream medical or natural clinic can boast this cross-over of knowledge and modalities, and their success is evident from the many success stories.

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