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Explore Life in Paradise

Fall in love with Barbados

When you consider year-round sunshine, married with beautiful beaches and a plethora of things to do and see, it’s quite easy for a blind man to see that living in Barbados is really just beyond your imagination. There’s so much to love about Barbados  There’s good food, friendly people, modern infrastructure and telecommunications, good public transportation health care and educational system, stable democracy, all of which go into the mix of reasons why Barbados is a strong contender for your next home or your home away from home.

Being fully informed about the steps and being properly prepared, is one sure way to achieve a trouble-free relocation experience and confidence in your decision well ahead of packing your bags.  In this space, you will find information to help you locate your new home in Barbados and about Living in Barbados.

Barbados Fast Facts

Capital:  Bridgetown

Population:  285,000 Friendly Bajans


Size:  21 miles long, 14 miles wide

Climate:   Year-round sunshine. Daily temp. range     

75° – 90°F


Currency:  Barbados Dollar   USD $1 = BDS $2

Time:  GMT -4 hrs (No DST)

Laws:     Based on English Common law

Religion:  Over 100 religious groups in Barbados

Government:   Parliamentary democracy with constitutional monarchy

Head of Government:  Prime Minister – Hon. Mia Mottley, Q.C. M.P.

President:  Dame Sandra Prunella Mason FB GCMG DA QC

Towns:   Bridgetown (capital), Oistins, Speightstown, Holetown

Location:   Atlantic Ocean, north-east of Venezuela

Elevation:   Relatively Flat, rises gently to central highland region


A wide range of residential housing options are available on island, from modest homes to up-market to luxury properties, so there is something for every budget.  If you’re buying, you can opt for a house, condo or villa, beachfront.  If you’re renting, there will be similar options available.

You’ll also find that homes on the island reflect our distinctive history, with vibrant colours and colonial architecture.  Plantation or Great Houses built in the 1600’s and which have been very well preserved as well as modern house designs are also part of the housing landscape.. LEARN MORE



You can be assured of a very reliable transportation service to help you make your way around the island. You’ll have several options available to you which will include the Government-run Transport Board buses, privately-run buses and vans, private taxi service and self-drive rental vehicles which can range from open-top vehicles to mid-size cars to large vans and luxury vehicles. LEARN MORE

Health Wellness Image
Health & Wellness

Medical care on the island is quite accessible, of a high standard, and provided through a network which includes both public and private health care facilities. More

Dining Options

There is an abundance of options available on island to satisfy your taste buds, while making memories that will last a lifetime.  From fine dining to  casual dining to fast food to street side food, there is  also something for every budget.

Banking Services

You may need to set up a local bank account if you'll be working from Barbados.  There are a number of banks here from which you can choose so you're sure to find the one that will meet your needs. 

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