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Housing Options

In Barbados

Let's talk about your biggest expense while on island.... accommodation.  You'll have a wide range of options available - from modest homes to up-market to luxury properties, so there is something for every budget.  If you’re buying, you can opt for a house, condo or villa.  If you’re renting, there will be similar options available.   They're gated communities, beachfront condos and villas, apartments and studios as well as countryside stand-alone homes.

You'll quickly find that properties located on the west coast carry a higher price tag than those on the southern coast of the island as many on the west coast fall within the luxury category.

You’ll also find that many homes on the island provide clues about our distinctive history, with their vibrant colours and colonial architecture.  Many Plantation or Great Houses built in the 1600’s have been very well preserved but modern house designs also feature in the island's housing landscape.

chattel house 5.jpg

Barbados Chattel House: So called because they were designed to be easily moved from one tenantry to another.

Traditional Chattel Houses are typically found along the backstreets of Bridgetown and throughout the villages. Chattel houses are small wooden structures designed to be easily moved from one tenantry to another. As incomes rose, chattel houses were expanded with as many as four structures or more strung together on a single lot.

With access to world renowned interior design skills, married with the beautiful beachfront backdrops and year round sunshine that we enjoy, Barbados has earned its place internationally for its prime real estate comprising luxury west coast villas and world class condominium developments where many long stay visitors and residents are hosted.  Not forgetting the short stay and business visitors who  can choose from a very healthy menu of luxurious hotels.


A sample of the more modern style home that can also be found on the island today

Places to Stay

Serenity Suite - Kitchen 1.jpg

Serenity Suite

This new and spacious two-bedroom apartment, offers a calm and serene country environment, a perfect get-away from the hustle and bustle to decompress and reconnect with nature.   MORE...

Gibbs Hill House back view.jpg

Gibbs Hill House

This spacious open plan designed 4-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom house is located in a very desirable and quiet St. Peter neighbourhood, just a few minutes’ drive from West Coast beaches, shopping and other amenities.  MORE ...

Serendipity, St Philip, Barbados


Modern fully furnished 3 bedroom 2 bathroom contemporary house in quiet residential neighbourhood just 15 minutes from the airport, close to beaches, minimart, shopping plaza, doctor's office and other amenities.  MORE ...

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