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Street Food

No need to go to a fancy restaurant to get your taste buds excited, as they're tons of options available from street side vendors.  Street food is a major part of the Barbadian (Bajan) culture.   These informal outdoor eateries serve up delicious local Bajan food such as fish cutters, rice and peas, fish cakes and macaroni pie – a true Bajan experience.  Most eateries serve up menu offerings for lunch time but there are some that also provide breakfast and dinner and are great if your're on a really tight budget.  So while you're on island, just spoil your taste buds with the best street food you can find anywhere!

Cuz's Fish Shack

Known for serving the best fish sandwich in Barbados, Cuz's Fish Shack is a undoubtedly a hit with locals and visitors alike.  Located on Carlisle Bay, Christ Church, just off the Hilton Resort, this popular roadside eatery has been serving up their tasty eats for over 50 years.  The sandwiches, are commonly referred to as "cutters" by the locals is just a Bajan word for any sandwich made with a salt bread roll.  Cuz's fish cutters  are made with pan fried fish, with a slice of cheese (if you like) and a dash of peppersauce and mayonnaise (your choice).

Chicken George & Yankee Joe's Beach Bar

This family run beach bar is located on the very popular Accra Beach in Rockley, Christ Church on the south coast of the island.  Here you can enjoy fish cakes  (not really cakes), fries and macaroni pie which are only a few of the many menu favourites.  The vibe is friendly and so are the staff, at this very informal outdoor beach hut.  There's karaoke, late night food and outdoor seating and the rum punch is stellar!


Cutters of Barbados

Just a few minutes walk from the beautiful Crane Beach Hotel in St. Philip, is Cutters of Barbados which serves a very wide selection of tasty Caribbean dishes from breakfast through to dinner time.

You can grab a quick bite to eat, lounge in one of the nearby hammocks and enjoy a delicious special rum punch or cocktail. The menu selection includes fish cakes, pumpkin fritters, fish fingers, gluten free pizza,  along with wraps and salads and vegan options.  You can dine outdoors in the seating provided or have your meal packaged to go.  It's evident that lots of love goes into the meals served at Cutters.


Oistins Fish Fry

Take your pick from the assortment of vendors offering tasty Bajan cuisine at the popular Oistins Fish Fry. Lobster, shrimp, red snapper and more are prepared on the grill while you wait and served with your choice of Bajan favourite  sides.  Learn more about this popular Friday night hangout.... more


Fine Dining

The fine dining experience is a must while on island.  The sophistication, the atmosphere, the superb service you will receive, are all beyond amazing.


Casual Dining

Enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxed, laid back, inviting atmosphere at one of the many casual dining restaurants on the island.


Fast Food

Grab a quick tasty bite while you're on the go.  There're so many options available for you to try.

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