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Gun Hill Signal Station

Enjoy the captivating panoramic views of the country landscape from east through south through west at the breathtakingly beautiful Gun Hill Signal Station, centrally located on the highland of the parish of St. George.

As you stroll through the beautifully landscaped garden with its colourful flora, you’ll encounter the historic lamps, and you can relax on a garden bench while taking in the beauty around you.  Your visit to this signal station will not be complete unless you climb the signal tower to take in the magnificent views.  In the signal tower, you’ll be taken back in time to 1818, where you can view the very interesting assortment of military memorabilia of one of the finest signal stations on island.  

If you visit Gun Hill as part of one of the many fun island sightseeing tours, you’ll learn from your friendly tour guide, that the station was once used to identify and signal to other stations the approach of enemy ships and the arrival of cargo ships to Barbados, as well as to warn of any slave rebellions on the island. 

In close proximity to the signal station, you’ll find a beautifully carved lion statue (“the lion at Gun Hill”), which is synonymous with the Gun Hill Signal Station and which was carved out by an officer of the signal station in 1868.  

Opening Hours

• Monday – Saturday: 9:00 a.m -5:00 p.m
• Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed



Adults: BDS$12.00
Children under 12: BDS$6.00

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