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Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Located in the northern parish of St. Peter, this open animal retreat is often proclaimed as being better than a traditional zoo.  Animals roam freely, there’re acres of lush mahogany forest, dense vegetation and long vines hang from above and stone paths to guide you as you explore the Reserve.  You can take a casual stroll through the Reserve and observe the animals close-up, watch them eat, play and interact with their reserve-mates in their natural habitat.

During your self-guided casual stroll you can enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature at your own pace. You’ll encounter the elusive deer, the breathtakingly beautiful peacocks, the Barbados Green Monkey, many types of colourful birds including macaws, love birds and parrots and lots of other wildlife.  You’ll also find they’re ducks and geese roaming the Reserve.   The monkeys have a special living arrangement at the Reserve, as they are free to leave the Reserve and many of them do so during the day time.

If you’re a reptile lover you will enjoy iguanas, snakes turtles and tortoises.  And don’t be mislead, the snakes have a habit of sleeping under the banana leaves, so be aware of this.  This attraction is perfect for the entire family, but even more, it offers for you the ideal opportunity to be at one with nature.

A good time to visit the animals is around 2:00 pm, as this is their feeding time.    

Barbados Wildlife Reserve and Grenade Hall Signal Station,

Farley Hill,

St. Peter

Phone: (246) 422-8826


Adults:  USD $15.00

Children:  US$7.50

​Also provides access to Grenade Hall Signal Station


Opening Hours

Daily, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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